Financial Statements 2018

CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS, September 30, 2019
SELECTA Insurance and Reinsurance Company (Caribbean) Limited announced today that the Financial Statements 2018 audit has finally been completed.

Managing director comments.

Kirill Patyrykin, the Managing director of SELECTA noted that “2018 was a relatively calm year for SELECTA Insurance & Reinsurance Company (Caribbean) Ltd.”

“We were lucky enough that we did not suffer many new losses during the course of 2018 and were able to focus on repayment of the past ones. Although it was challenging, we were able to regain much of the assets back into the company”.

“Today at SELECTA, we are proud to say that we have retained the core of our underwriting, claim and technical staff following our two most challenging years — 2015 and 2016, and in spite of the challenges we were able to generate very solid operating results. We bolstered our sales department by participating in the biggest and most important insurance and reinsurance conferences throughout the World and have secured the necessary budget to purse a Managing General Agency project backed up with an A rated paper”.

“Once again, we have to thank our partners, who made it possible to endure and evolve, and who appreciated our management efforts to ensure creditworthiness. Hopefully, you are one of our customers. If you are just considering becoming one of them, we trust that you will find this publication an excellent source for evaluating SELECTA Insurance & Reinsurance Company (Caribbean) Ltd. credibility”.

“We are at your service 365 days a year, seven days a week and 24 hours a day.”.

You can see the statements here.

SELECTA Insurance and Reinsurance Company (Caribbean) Limited

SELECTA Insurance and Reinsurance Company (Caribbean) Limited was duly incorporated and licensed as an international Reinsurance company under the provisions of the Nevis International Insurance Ordinance 2004 (and amendments) in December 2013, offering a wide variety of reinsurance products to its customers.

Media contact:
Kirill Patyrykin
Managing director
SELECTA Insurance and Reinsurance Company (Caribbean) Limited
+1 786 3758103